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Our Fourth Annual Get-together
More pictures from our get-together
Around SVP
Still more pictures around SVP
We venture to the pyramids
The SVP Banquet
Betty Cunningham
Darren Naish Goes to SVP Denver
Darren Naish in Denver II
Denver SVP - October 1999
More of Denver SVP
Still More Denver SVP
More and More Denver SVP
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DML Pictures
Darren Naish in Denver II

More pictures from the 1999 SVP


"Thumbs up" Luis Rey, Tracy Ford, and Surfin' Dinogeorge. Rachel Clark reads National Geographic (the infamous "Feathers for T. rex" article) while Dick Peirce's nose and hand just make it into the far left.


Darren Tanke, with Luis Rey for backup, confronts Tom Holtz as to the whereabouts of a missing specimen.


Nick Pharris, Jaime Headden, Jerry Harris and his lady Tracey, Tom Lipka, and Mary Kirkaldy at Baby Doe's.


Jonathan Wagner and his former girlfriend.


Luis Rey shows Jaime Headden what the structures on Longisquama *really* look like. Pete Buchholz makes accompanying hand gestures.