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Our Fourth Annual Get-together
More pictures from our get-together
Around SVP
Still more pictures around SVP
We venture to the pyramids
The SVP Banquet
Betty Cunningham
Darren Naish Goes to SVP Denver
Darren Naish in Denver II
Denver SVP - October 1999
More of Denver SVP
Still More Denver SVP
More and More Denver SVP
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DML Pictures
Darren Naish Goes to SVP Denver

October 1999


Darren Naish obviously knows something about the
Wealden theropods that we don't know.


Luis Rey looks on astonished while Dan Chure demonstrates slight of wrist to Alan Gishlick.


Pete Buchholz, Josh Smith, Jerry Harris and (?) male paleobond.


A striking convergence shows Darren with his long-lost twin brother.