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Dear user,

the request


has been successfully processed.

Welcome to list DINOSAUR ( The system has recorded

your address as


and it is required that you send your posts (email to list) from that address, unless the list does not require subscription for posting.


The list's OWNER(s) are, and You should contact them if there are any problems.

Subscription changes and other listproc requests should be directed to the listproc server (, instead of the list address. Only mail (posts) for the subscribers of the DINOSAUR list should be sent to

To get more information on how to use this service, please send the request HELP on a line by itself in a mail message to

Documentation is available via anonymous ftp, at in the directory pub/listproc. Web-based documentation is available at .

If you use Pegasus mail, please make sure that 'CONFIRMATION RECEIPTS' are turned OFF. Confirmation receipts create excessive error mail for the listowner, who may delete you from the list for that problem.

If you use Microsoft Mail (MSMail), please make sure that you have configured the default reply to the REPLY-TO tag. Otherwise, when you reply, your message will merely go to the error queue, and will NOT be posted.

---------------- Getting OFF the list ---------------------

To REMOVE yourself from the list, send email to with the following text in the message body:

unsubscribe DINOSAUR

The system has assigned you an initial password: XXXXXXXXXX

You may change it by sending the following request to

set DINOSAUR password XXXXXXXXXX <new-password>

WARNING: You should NOT use your login password as this is not a secure mechanism.

This password is to be used when connecting to this server over Internet for interactive processing of requests (send a 'help live' request for more information) or when when you wish to change the address you are subscribed with. In this case, issue the following request to

set DINOSAUR address XXXXXXXXXX <new-address>